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Do you want to empower your patients through access to virtual care that can deliver on the metrics that matter?

Let us be your guide to providing impactful virtual specialty care as an extension of primary care in a more connected, modern way for a better healthcare user experience:

  • Simplify the specialty referral process

  • Reduce patient confusion

  • Reinforce care plans with support from multidisciplinary care team

  • Dynamic data intake & exchange

  • Drive positive clinical outcomes

  • Address health equity for underserved populations

  • Retain your voice in your brand


Expand patient access to specialty providers and expert clinicians

As a leading health system, you are dedicated to delivering quality care for your patients living with chronic conditions but sometimes need additional support when it comes to resources. Tap in to our national network.


Empower your patients

As a provider, you care deeply about your patients and want to give them access to all the support and resources they need to manage their chronic conditions. We are here for you.


The Cecelia Health advantage

With millions of live member connections and counting, we understand how to motivate people to make lasting lifestyle and behavior change while giving them the clinical support they need to experience better health outcomes.


Here are the top 6 reasons our partners trust us:

  • Dedicated, expert clinicians

    Dedicated, expert clinicians

    Our credentialed clinicians have extensive backgrounds in chronic disease management and are skilled at building one-on-one, trusting relationships.

  • Proactive member engagement

    Proactive member engagement

    We drive strong member engagement utilizing a human-led proactive and data-driven approach to market programs and maximize program enrollment.

  • Omnichannel member experience

    Omnichannel member experience

    Condition-specific content is delivered through video, phone, email, and text, underpinned by a personalization engine that maximizes patient experience.

  • Device integration

    Device integration

    We select, onboard, and interpret data for all connected devices including CGMs, blood glucose monitors, smart scales, and blood pressure monitors.

  • National network

    National network

    As a virtual clinic licensed across 50 states, we expand access to a national network of expert clinicians and specialty providers.

  • Data-driven program management

    Data-driven program management

    We utilize relevant information including intake surveys, medical and prescription history, and first-party program data to personalize the patient experience.


Support from disease state expert drives reduction in inpatient hospital and ER utilization

Read more about our impact on a Medicaid population and how personalized support and education can enrich the care journey for people at high risk for complications related to poor diabetes management.

Are you ready to get started?

Connect with our team of experts to learn how we can put our virtual specialty clinic to work for you.