Cecelia Health, formerly Fit4D, is a high-growth, venture-backed health tech services company based in New York City. Our company partners with pharmaceutical companies, payers, ACOs and self-insured employers to deliver a personalized, technology-based approach to improving medical adherence and health outcomes for people living with diabetes and related chronic conditions. Founded in 2009 by David Weingard, the company has a proven track record of results including improving adherence to branded diabetes Rx by 20% and demonstrable reductions in A1C values.

Cecelia Health announced the new company name and brand on January 7th, 2019, to better align with our growing mission. Cecelia Health, named after a remarkable Certified Diabetes Educator, connects clinical coaching and proprietary technology with people living with diabetes and related chronic diseases, to improve patient outcomes for a healthier population.

Cecelia Health is a high-energy, results-oriented work place. We believe our success, as well as the success of our customers and patients, relies on the partnership of our fantastic team with the passion, drive and skills and our powerful proprietary technology, to change the face of chronic condition management.