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Obesity & weight management


Our approach to better weight management

The availability of GLP-1s and anti-obesity medications (AOMs) is contributing to exploding consumer demand for effective weight loss solutions. Expanded indications will increase eligibility—along with cost. At Cecelia Health, we understand the life-changing impact that GLP-1s have for some individuals, but they can’t be the only answer. Our weight management solution is designed with prevention in mind, driving down overall obesity-related cost of care through appropriate clinical support and interventions.

Tap into expertise from our 10+ years of experience in delivering weight loss support programs with related medication management for populations across health plans, pharma, and other healthcare organizations. Clinical care teams, including registered dietitians, specialist physicians, social workers, and exercise physiologists, are at the core of what we do. Let us help you build optimal programs tailored to meet your population health objectives.


A holistic, comprehensive weight management solution

Do you want to help your population reach and maintain their goal weight with a range of care to meet individual needs? Our solution incorporates medical nutrition therapy with goal-setting, problem-solving, and self-efficacy skills—plus appropriate prescribing of AOMs—to meet individuals where they are in their weight loss journey. We work with you to determine the appropriate frequency of engagement and intensity of clinical interventions based on inclusion criteria (BMI, comorbidities, medications) that is adaptable to your unique objectives.

  • Promote long-term weight loss through behavior and lifestyle changes—with or without the support from a GLP-1 medication

  • Deliver a wide range of whole person support, inclusive of comorbidity management as well as physical, behavioral, and social determinant of health (SDOH) needs

  • Provide medical nutrition therapy and dynamic educational resources on a variety of topics from safe physical activity to mindset shifts for success

  • Encourage and empower individuals through live sessions with a registered dietitian and asynchronous digital engagement

  • Prevent off-label medication use

  • Help individuals reach an appropriate lower dose if prescribed a GLP-1

Personalized support to address weight management needs

Participants are connected to a registered dietitian and engaged with personalized education that leverages the latest clinical best practices and guidelines. Each of our clinicians is skilled in building relationships, using motivational interviewing and active listening techniques, to give participants the confidence to self-manage and achieve their health goals.

  • Understand nutrition and how to read food labels

  • How to use personalized eating plans that consider cultural needs

  • Examples of appropriate physical activity

  • How to manage stress and recognize triggers of emotional eating

  • Strategies for mindful eating

  • Accountability through goal setting

  • Support for other psychosocial factors (social stigma)

  • Awareness of associated health risks


A more empowered virtual care experience

From program enrollment and onboarding to support and ongoing education, we understand how to optimize engagement and help people struggling with weight management make lasting behavior change. 


Featured blog

The perfect storm between clinical evidence, insurance coverage, supply in the form of new pharmaceutical entrants, and public demand are creating an environment ripe for meaningful change. Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Arnold Saperstein, shares his perspective on equitable access to weight management.

Your trusted partner for virtual weight management

Let our experts help you build an effective solution that meets individual needs, at scale. Connect with us today to learn more.