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Improve medication adherence

Programs designed with a human element for improved adherence and better outcomes
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Do you want to empower patients with virtual support to improve adherence to their medication or device?

Let us be your guide to providing impactful patient support programs:


  • Improve therapy initiation
  • Increase medication adherence
  • Increase Rx refill rates
  • Safety & adverse event management
  • Streamline patient navigation
  • Gain unique population insights
  • Grow brand loyalty
  • Foster healthcare provider engagement
  • Demonstrable ROI
  • Retain your voice in your brand

We provide a virtual platform that expands access to human-led disease management support

What does that mean for you? We can help you elevate the patient experience through our multidisciplinary care team of clinical experts that works one-on-one with patients to drive better outcomes.

Medication adherence

Personalized strategies that address unique barriers and help patients understand prescribed medication and dosing, manage side effects, and continue taking medication.

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Patient support

Dedicated, one-on-one patient support and omnichannel engagement from clinicians who provide education and expert guidance.

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Remote patient monitoring

Connected device integration and physiological monitoring with interventions for enhanced care in between doctor visits.

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Dedicated, one-on-one patient support

We believe that building trusting relationships is key to uncover and address unique barriers to medication adherence.

We partner with pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers and distributors, and clinical trials organizations to improve initiation and adherence across a range of therapeutic areas and devices.


The Cecelia Health advantage

Our patient support solution ensures people living with chronic conditions understand the importance of taking their medication correctly and consistently. With millions of live connections and counting, we understand how to motivate people to make lasting lifestyle and behavior change.


Here are the top 6 reasons our partners trust us:

  • Dedicated, expert support

    Dedicated, expert support

    Our credentialed experts have extensive backgrounds in patient support and adherence programs and are skilled at building one-on-one, trusting relationships.

  • Proactive member engagement

    Proactive member engagement

    We drive strong patient engagement utilizing a proactive, data-driven approach to market programs and maximize program enrollment.

  • Omnichannel member experience

    Omnichannel member experience

    Program-specific content is delivered through video, phone, email, and text, underpinned by a personalization engine that maximizes patient experience.

  • Device integration

    Device integration

    We select, onboard, and interpret data for all connected devices including CGMs, blood glucose monitors, smart scales, and blood pressure monitors.

  • Data-driven program management

    Data-driven program management

    We utilize relevant information including intake surveys, medical and prescription history, and first-party program data to personalize the patient experience.

  • Safety & compliance expertise

    Safety & compliance expertise

    Our team has extensive experience in navigating compliance requirements and timelines with mechanisms to report adverse events and support patient safety.


More effective patient support with clinical navigation

An expert clinical navigator as part of a patient’s care team advances a more comprehensive, encouraging, and improved patient experience.


The Cecelia Health participant experience

Our virtual solution focuses on human-led, proactive engagement strategies that leverage digital tools, so people get the help they need—when they need it—to achieve better outcomes and improve medication adherence.


Program goals & outcomes

  • Improve medication adherence

  • Better understanding of disease state & therapy

  • Minimize side effects & avoid exacerbations

  • Better clinical outcomes related to condition

  • Focus on patient safety

  • Improve quality of life

The metrics that matter

45%+ Program enrollment rate
25%+ Increase in medication adherence
90% Participant satisfaction

Proactive outreach from dedicated experts increases program enrollment

Learn how we enhanced an existing patient support program through human-led, expert support—resulting in increased program enrollment, improved medication adherence, and high patient satisfaction.

Do you want to build more effective patient support programs?

Our approach improves initiation and medication adherence to drive better outcomes. Let us show you how.