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Virtual care solutions that meets the unique needs of individuals, at scale

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The Cecelia Health participant experience

Empower your population with the tools, knowledge, and support they need—when they need it. We meet people where they are and adapt to their schedules, lifestyles, and life circumstances to help them better manage their health.

  • Omnichannel engagement through phone, text, email, and video chats

  • Flexible scheduling on nights and weekends

  • Multilingual clinicians who understand cultural needs

  • Dedicated support

    Dedicated support

    Each participant is paired with an experienced clinician who supports them throughout their care journey and fosters a trusting relationship to improve engagement. The results? Participants have confidence to self-manage their condition and feel empowered to take a more active role in their health.

  • Proactive outreach

    Proactive outreach

    Our credentialed experts, skilled at motivational interviewing in a virtual setting, proactively call participants to enroll and engage in the program. They uncover barriers to medication adherence and assess physical and mental health, social determinants of health (SDOH) concerns, whether a participant is taking prescribed medications, monitoring diet and lifestyle, or getting to routine screenings.

  • Expert education

    Expert education

    A virtual platform enables personalized plan development for each participant including evidence-based curriculum and specialized topics. This includes the impact of their condition on physical and mental health, tactics to increase medication adherence, and importance of lifestyle and behavior change such as preventive care, nutrition, and exercise.

  • Personalized, actionable support

    Personalized, actionable support

    Once our experts pinpoint challenges and motivations, they work one-on-one with participants to develop personalized plans, set realistic SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals, provide device support, as well as share tips and resources for self-management, including support across SDOH factors.

  • Ongoing resources & follow-up

    Ongoing resources & follow-up

    Throughout the program, participants have regular check-ins with their dedicated expert to provide additional motivation and support as well as adjust goals for enduring results. To reinforce the experience and enhance learning, we provide additional tools and resources for lasting behavior change, including helpful videos, interactive webinars, and informative blogs.

  • I lost 16 pounds and continue to follow the changes I made in February when I was diagnosed. I brought my A1c down to 6.8 in two months.

  • Thank you so much for the information. You've given me some hope!

  • Some people say you can't improve on perfection but the way you all are handling things with instructions, you're great!

  • You are like my lifeline. I feel like a new person!


Measurable impact, enduring results

Our solutions are proven to positively improve medication adherence, impact quality measures, and reduce care variability.

45% Program enrollment rate
25%+ Increase in medication adherence
90% Participant satisfaction

Virtual care will pave the way for a better healthcare experience

Contemporary care models, including the evolution of the Patient Centered Medical Home, have failed to account for all the ways patients seek and experience care. For example, employer-sponsored programs and health plan care management for people living with chronic disease operate completely outside and separate from the traditional healthcare architecture. The same is true for pharma-sponsored patient support programs, which by themselves play a vital role in connecting patients to financial, mental, and preventative support.


To achieve true patient centricity, care models need a refresh.

Are you looking for a better way to engage your population and improve medication adherence?

To learn more about our virtual care solutions, schedule a call with our team.