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Improve Medication Initiation & Adherence with a Proven Approach

Breaking Barriers and Improving Medication Adherence

Cecelia Health provides the support and education required to ensure that patients understand the importance of taking their medications correctly and consistently, resulting in better health outcomes for patients and higher brand persistence for your medication.

Our comprehensive set of solutions are ideal for pharma brands looking to promote improved initiation, adherence, and persistency:



Patient Support

Dedicated, one-on-one patient support and omnichannel engagement from clinicians who deliver personalized education, adverse event management, and expert guidance for behavior and lifestyle change to improve medication initiation and adherence. 

Remote Patient Monitoring

Connected device integration and physiological monitoring with
interventions to ensure adherence and
positive health outcomes.


Complete virtual solution capable of seamlessly integrating with existing medical and pharmacy platforms to process, schedule, and facilitate telemedicine visits and prescription fills.

Clinically Proven Results

Patients enrolled in our programs exhibit faster time first prescription fills, increased Rx refill rates over an extended period, and improved clinical outcomes.

45%+ Enrollment Rate
90% Patient Satisfaction
88% Medication Adherence
6x Return on Investment

Solving Medication Adherence at Scale

30% of individuals with chronic illness fail to fill their first prescription, and up to 50% of individuals with chronic conditions stop using their prescribed medication in the first year of treatment. This often happens due to lack of education about their disease and their prescribed medication.

Medication nonadherence represents a significant challenge for pharmaceutical companies. These individuals need clinical support and accountability to overcome unique barriers to successfully start — and stay on — the life-changing medications prescribed to them. Cecelia Health provides clinical coaching and education to enable just that at scale.

The Cecelia Health Solution


One-on-one support from expert clinicians that focus on setting meaningful goals, overcoming barriers, and closing gaps in care.


Scalable core set of technologies and platforms which include remote patient monitoring, data driven insights and omni-channel engagement.


Complements and enhances existing support programs to improve the health of your patients.


  • “It always good to know you have resources like you and that I wasn’t just prescribed medicine without knowing how and why I have to take it”

    - Cecelia Health Patient

  • “I’ve got someone there that is going to help me through the tough times. With something like this you can’t do it by yourself you need someone like you to help them.”

    - Cecelia Health Patient

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