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Data & analytics


Comprehensive, connected data

Data is in our DNA. We marry unique first party data captured from participant interactions with demographics, medical history, device data and social determinants to form a holistic view of each participant.



Meeting participants where they are is critical to maximizing outcomes. We leverage rich data assets to inform care plans, deliver highly relevant content and sequence communications that personalize the Cecelia Health journey for each participant.


Actionable insights

We deliver robust population level analytics focused on the core elements of our chronic care management and patient support programs: enrollment, engagement, and outcomes.

With drill down views of key metrics such as gaps in care closure, medication adherence, and participant satisfaction, customers have line of sight into performance measures that drive quality and inform return on investment.

On demand data & analytics

We deliver data and insights through web-based dashboards and flexible data integrations to support key stakeholders and seamless decision making to help maximize program objectives.  


Representative enrollment metrics

  • Referrals
  • Reach rates
  • Enrollment rates
  • Demographics
  • Dispositions


Representative engagement metrics

  • Support encounters
  • Omnichannel communications
  • SDOH referrals & tracking
  • CDC Healthy Days
  • Opt-outs


Representative outcome metrics

  • Clinical measures (A1c, time in range, blood pressure, weight/BMI, CKD risk)
  • Gaps in care closure
  • Medication adherence/reduction
  • Participant satisfaction
  • Utilization

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