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Integrated cardiometabolic virtual care for weight management achieves 16% total medical cost savings



First-of-its-kind virtual specialty medical practice combines coordinated clinical support across comorbid conditions with longstanding GLP-1 expertise.


Cecelia Health today revealed results demonstrating an annual reduction of 16% in per member medical cost for payers and employers through integrated cardiometabolic care targeting weight management and related comorbidities. Across Cecelia Health’s weight management panel of over 35,000 members, BMI reduction of 8.5% contributes $844 in per member per year medical cost savings. 


Savings are driven by a data enabled, clinician-led model focused on personalization, care coordination, and patient activation. This holistic approach enables populations of varying sizes and risk profiles to achieve successful and sustainable outcomes through: 

  • Range of care spanning clinical interventions, pharmacological support, intensive nutritional counseling, remote patient monitoring, behavior change, and disease state education. 
  • Dynamic personalization inclusive of clinical factors, social determinants of health, cultural relevance, and member preferences. 
  • High member engagement facilitated through easy access to dedicated clinicians via synchronous and asynchronous channels. 


Demonstrating the effectiveness of integrated care, 40% more Cecelia Health supported members lose 5% of their body weight in a significantly reduced timeframe compared with weight management-focused commercial offers. 


The surging demand for anti-obesity medications (AOMs) coupled with new pharma entrants and expanding GLP-1 indications has ignited a race to combat skyrocketing costs and provide clinical support to appropriately manage related chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and sleep apnea. In support of long-term health benefits, payers and employers are seeking methods to empower patients in adopting sustainable behaviors that yield superior outcomes, with or without the use of therapies.  


“The convergence of expanding GLP-1 indications with increasing market demand and ongoing supply constraints underscores the imperative of experienced, integrated virtual care,” said Mark Clermont, chief executive officer of Cecelia Health. “GLP-1s are catalyzing seismic shifts in care delivery. Our deep GLP-1 expertise and long-standing history delivering coordinated care positions Cecelia Health to meet evolving needs of patients, providers, payers, and employers.” 


For over a decade, Cecelia Health has collaborated with health plans, providers and employers to improve chronic condition management including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and obesity. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies have relied on Cecelia Health to bring their GLP-1 therapies to market, improving patient adoption and adherence. To learn more about integrated cardiometabolic virtual care, visit  




About Cecelia Health 


Cecelia Health is a national virtual specialty medical practice serving people with chronic conditions across the care continuum. We expand access to care and provide personalized clinical support to help patients achieve sustained engagement and durable outcomes. Powered by digital tools and uniquely data-enabled, our integrated care approach addresses the whole person with proactive, coordinated support focused on clinical, behavioral, social, and emotional needs across cardiometabolic and related conditions. Following evidence-based guidelines and clinical best practices, our solution is scalable for health plans, providers, health systems, and life sciences. 



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