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Cecelia Health delivers remarkable 3.7x ROI for health plans

NEW YORK JULY 26, 2023 


Cecelia Health, a leading virtual specialty medical practice for chronic care management, announced another successful demonstration of its virtual specialty care solution, which has proven to deliver a 3.7x return on investment (ROI) for a health plan customer within six months of program launch. 


Virtual care is largely recognized in primary care settings and its utility has increased exponentially over the last five years. However, with millions of people in the US living with one or more chronic condition, the need for more accessible specialty care is growing. Leading this paradigm shift, Cecelia Health is expanding access to specialty care, including licensed clinicians and specialty providers, through a comprehensive virtual clinic platform.  


“In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, access to quality care is essential to achieving and sustaining better clinical and financial outcomes,” said Mark Clermont, Chief Executive Officer of Cecelia Health. “Our virtual clinic is not only expanding access to but modernizing the delivery of specialty care while proving its value for health plan customers by way of more engaged members with improved health outcomes.” 


Working with a Midwest health plan, Cecelia Health demonstrated a 3.7x return on investment for its virtual diabetes care program within six months of launch. The analysis compared members (including Medicare and Medicaid populations) referred to the Cecelia Health program for those enrolled vs. non-enrolled. Medical claims cost pre- and post- program were analyzed as well as cost savings between the two groups. The outcomes revealed that the program had a significant impact on: 

  • Lowering per member per month (PMPM) costs
  • Reducing diabetes claims cost
  • Decreasing inpatient costs   


Cecelia Health leverages virtual specialty care for several cardiometabolic and chronic conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, obesity and weight management, as well as respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD. To view details of this ROI analysis, download the report here



About Cecelia Health 

Cecelia Health is a virtual specialty medical practice for proactive health condition management. Since 2009, our clinician-led, tech-enabled practice supports the clinical, social, and behavioral needs of patients while leveraging rich sources of data for insights to focus care and measure outcomes. The clinician-patient relationships we build result in high engagement rates, increased patient satisfaction, and durable health outcomes. Our solution is adaptable and scalable to health organizations such as health plans, health providers, retail healthcare, and life sciences.