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Glooko Webinar Series | September 21, 2022
New Frontiers in Connected Care: Digital Health Solutions That Patients Want
Teresa McArthur (panelist)
How to educate and support patients to better manage diabetes and related chronic conditions


Authority Magazine | August 26, 2022
Digital Transformation in Healthcare
Mark Clermont
The future of health and how medical practices can use digital transformation to provide better care


PharmaShots | June 20, 2022
In Conversation with Cecelia Health’s CMO
Dr. Arnold Saperstein
How telehealth can support the unmet needs of patients with T1D, including children


Outcomes Rocket | June 16, 2022
Optimizing Patient Care Delivery and Support
Mark Clermont
Using technology to improve patient care delivery in terms of support, accessibility, clarity, and relationship-building when navigating the puzzling healthcare system


Health Professional Radio | June 7, 2022
The Challenges of Living and Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Rural and Underserved Communities
Dr. Arnold Saperstein
Remote education, monitoring, and access to consistent healthcare can contribute to optimal health outcomes


Slice of Healthcare | April 27, 2022
Episode #242 Live from ViVE 2022
Mark Clermont
The power of data and technology to deliver a better healthcare experience


LinkedIn Article | March 23, 2022
2022 HIMSS Highlights
Jeremy Chwang
Re-imagining healthcare and key takeaways from the 2022 HIMMS conference


The Health Care Blog | March 16, 2022
Quickbite Interview: Cecelia Health
Mark Clermont
Chronic care management and patient adherence programs designed with a human element to improve health outcomes

Human engagement is essential.

To see improvement in the metrics that matter, relationships must be a part of the equation. Let's make a difference—together.