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Urban Health Today | April 17, 2023
How Virtual Specialty Care Can Promote Health Equity
Teresa McArthur (podcast)
Discussing inequity in Chronic Care leading to higher healthcare costs for People of Color and how virtual specialty care can promote health equity.


Medical News Today | March 13, 2023
A natural peptide could help tackle obesity and diabetes
Nicole Anziani
Could a naturally occurring peptide help tackle obesity-related diseases, including diabetes?


Medical News Today | March 7, 2023
Type 2 diabetes: High-quality low-carb diet linked with lower death risk
Nicole Anziani
A high-quality low-carb diet may help reduce mortality risk in type 2 diabetes.


Definitive Healthcare | Feb 2, 2023
Is the patient the quarterback or the football? Tackling care integration with Mark Clermont from Cecelia Health
Mark Clermont (podcast)
Virtual specialty care could ease the burden on overloaded primary care providers, reduce overall health spending, and help providers and health systems assume the role of healthcare quarterback—without setting patients up to be the football


StartUp Health | Jan 19, 2023
Cecelia Health Is a Virtual Specialty Clinic for People Living with Chronic Conditions
Mark Clermont (interview)
Discusses how Cecelia Health’s tech-enabled clinical support solution enables specialized clinicians to scale their reach and deliver personalized, one-on-one care


Glooko Webinar Series | September 21, 2022
New Frontiers in Connected Care: Digital Health Solutions That Patients Want
Teresa McArthur (panelist)
How to educate and support patients to better manage diabetes and related chronic conditions


Authority Magazine | August 26, 2022
Digital Transformation in Healthcare
Mark Clermont
The future of health and how medical practices can use digital transformation to provide better care


PharmaShots | June 20, 2022
In Conversation with Cecelia Health’s CMO
Dr. Arnold Saperstein
How telehealth can support the unmet needs of patients with T1D, including children


Outcomes Rocket | June 16, 2022
Optimizing Patient Care Delivery and Support
Mark Clermont
Using technology to improve patient care delivery in terms of support, accessibility, clarity, and relationship-building when navigating the puzzling healthcare system


Health Professional Radio | June 7, 2022
The Challenges of Living and Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Rural and Underserved Communities
Dr. Arnold Saperstein
Remote education, monitoring, and access to consistent healthcare can contribute to optimal health outcomes


Slice of Healthcare | April 27, 2022
Episode #242 Live from ViVE 2022
Mark Clermont
The power of data and technology to deliver a better healthcare experience


LinkedIn Article | March 23, 2022
2022 HIMSS Highlights
Jeremy Chwang
Re-imagining healthcare and key takeaways from the 2022 HIMMS conference


The Health Care Blog | March 16, 2022
Quickbite Interview: Cecelia Health
Mark Clermont
Chronic care management and patient adherence programs designed with a human element to improve health outcomes

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