Janice had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for quite some time but struggled with receiving education to help her best manage her condition. Though she possessed a capable and highly motivated attitude, she lacked the knowledge needed to optimize her health outcomes. Living in an educational desert where specialized services are not provided proved challenging for Janice to receive the care she needed. 


Janice already took her health seriously—she was active in a “Walking Across America” exercise program, using her treadmill at home and tracking her progress across the country on a U.S. map. However, her insulin was out of basal/bolus balance leading to chronic low blood glucose levels. Fortunately, Janice was introduced to Cecelia Health’s virtual clinical support study where she partnered with a qualified clinician.  


Though Janice was in her 60s, she didn’t let her age hold her back! She was eager to learn new skills, adjust her behaviors, and take on new challenges. Janice progressed to using a sliding scale insulin model and learned how to count carbohydrates. After working with her dedicated clinician, Janice also spoke to her physician about beginning an insulin pump. Four months later she was using her pump and making progress. 


At the end of the six-month program, Janice shared her gratitude for the knowledge gained and the impact it had on building new skills and reaching her health goals: 

  • She added resistance training to her aerobic activity 
  • She learned how to read her continuous glucose monitor reports 
  • She lost five pounds 
  • Her time in range measure for diabetes control improved from 57% to greater than 70% 

Janice shows you are never too old to take on something new. You can take on a new project, such as your health, and surprise yourself while having an adventure.