Like so many others living with diabetes, Taylor struggled to stay the course when it comes to daily management of a chronic condition. Although he had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes for many years, he experienced cycles of failure that further perpetuated his belief he could not control and manage his diabetes. Now in his 40s, he finally made a commitment to himself and began working with a Cecelia Health expert clinician. Taylor started the program with skepticism, unsure if he could attain the self-management necessary for the quality of life he desired.  

After several one-on-one sessions with his dedicated clinician, Taylor began to find confidence in his ability for day-to-day success. His hemoglobin A1c improved from 9.8% to 6.8% after months of diligent work! With that, his confidence blossomed and he felt empowered to thrive with a chronic condition that he once thought would debilitate him.  


“Does everyone with Type 1 Diabetes know about this program? This is life-changing!”



Taylor’s story is a powerful example of how every day is a new day to re-create your belief about what is possible when managing a chronic condition. Changing your actions, molding your mindset about control, and reimagining what is possible are all necessary to achieve positive change. The first step to opening the door to endless possibilities is believing you CAN.