Together, Cecelia Health and Glooko are delivering highly personalized, data-driven coaching and a mobile health solution to patients and care providers. We announced our collaboration last month. The Glooko-Cecelia Health partnership enables us to leverage user-specific data and expert clinicians to deliver timely and customized interventions. Our goal is to improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance patient-coach relationships.

We are already seeing the results of the Cecelia Health clinicians having improved access to data in order to motivate behavior change and our patients are seeing it too.

Here’s what one of our patients had to say: “It was so helpful to have all my blood sugar readings in one place and then be able to review them with a coach”

How does it work?

Glooko seamlessly syncs with over 50 diabetes devices and major fitness and activity trackers and supplies timely, verified patient data such as blood glucose, carbs, insulin, blood pressure, diet and weight data to the patient for self-management and to their clinician and/or coach for remote support in between visits. The patient accesses Glooko on-the-go via the Glooko Mobile App, while the coach, through the Glooko Population Tracker – gets a risk stratified view of the population and can prioritize who to engage with based on live clinical data.

When combined with Cecelia Health’s expert coaches, the solution gives patients the right support at the right time. All Cecelia Health coaches are certified diabetes educators (CDEs), specialized in helping patients overcome barriers along their diabetes journey. With Glooko data, Cecelia Health CDEs can use their clinical expertise to identify trends, explain the numbers to patients, and determine solutions that can improve patient health, medication adherence, and A1C levels. The data enables CDEs to hone in on teachable moments finding both areas of strength and areas for improvement, with the ultimate goal of empowering patients to self-manage long term.

Bringing it to life

Recently, a Cecelia Health CDEs started working with a patient who began downloading her meter data to the Glooko app. By looking at the data, the CDE noticed that the patient’s morning fasting blood sugars were high. Identifying this trend helped the CDE determine what to focus on with the patient. The patient explained that she had tried several strategies to change her dinner diet in order to help her fasting numbers, but nothing seemed to work. The CDE discussed a different solution, a little bit of activity after dinner, and encouraged the patient to enter events like food, exercise, and stress, into the app. On the following call, the patient’s numbers were looking healthy overall. On a day with high blood glucose numbers, the patient had documented, “This has been a really stressful day,” so the CDE and patient discussed how stress can affect blood sugar. With access to Glooko data, the CDE was able to better understand the patient’s overall health day-to-day in order to have more relevant conversations.

The data shared between patient and clinician in a timely and relevant way, allowed for actionable clinical intervention and guided both the CDE and the patient towards impactful behavior change. With on-demand patient data, the Cecelia Health CDE is able to help the patient understand their data and motivate them to manage their own health. This deepening of engagement results in increased medication adherence, improved diabetes control, and ultimately, long-term self-management.

This is just the beginning. We are excited about this collaboration and the impact we can have on people with diabetes!

Natasha Desai, VP of Marketing at Cecelia Health
Michelle de Haaff, VP of Marketing and Customer Success at Glooko

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