Now in her mid-60s, Jenny had been dealing with diabetes for six years. She experienced foot pain and cardiac health issues in addition to a persistently high average blood sugar. She struggled with her diet and was confused about carbohydrate choices and portions. Jenny needed guidance when it came to improving her diabetes management. Luckily, she connected with an expert clinician through the Cecelia Health diabetes support program.  

Through one-on-one sessions with her dedicated Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist (CDCES), Jenny was motivated to learn more. The clinician uncovered Jenny’s concerns about her diet and answered questions about the availability of several types of medications to treat diabetes. With the help of her clinician, she learned more about the options that were right for her. Jenny felt confident in discussing potential treatment options with her healthcare provider—and her clinician even helped Jenny find a financial assistance program to better afford the medication.  

After beginning her new medication treatment and continuing to work with her dedicated Cecelia Health clinician on lifestyle modifications, Jenny made great strides.  

  • She started a regular exercise routine three times a week.  
  • She discovered how to choose the right amount of carbohydrates without over-restricting 
  • She learned how to treat her hypoglycemic episodes appropriately.  


The results? 

Jenny’s average blood sugar dropped from 170 to 136! Most importantly, through the relationship she built with her clinician as well as the education and support received,Jenny felt more confident in her ability to manage her health. On one of her follow-up calls, she proudly exclaimed to her clinician “I am doing my best!” 


Personalized education paired with support from expert clinicians who are disease state experts—also trained in motivational interviewing and active listening techniques—drives meaningful and lasting behavior change. Jenny’s story is one example of how the clinicians at Cecelia Health are transforming lives every day and helping people feel empowered in managing their diabetes or other chronic condition.