Data interoperability has the potential to revolutionize the way we deliver care and improve patient outcomes. But how do you move beyond the buzzword and create solutions that harness the power of data in a way that truly delivers outcomes? 

In partnership with Zus Health, a shared health data platform designed to accelerate healthcare data interoperability, we showcase how Cecelia Health delivers a data-driven approach to the patient experience.  





An optimized patient journey 

The success of the entire patient experience can be judged by how it starts. With reliable data enrichment, patients can access high-quality, informed care from the first touchpoint.  

  • Intelligent patient onboarding: Confirm patient alignment with program objectives, prioritize by risk to create care cohorts, and assign a dedicated clinical expert to perform outreach and engage based on the patient’s profile.  
  • Enhanced clinical insights: Streamline patient intake and assessment. 
  • Personalized patient experience: Informed care plans that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs and barriers.  


The impact on outcomes 

Initiating the clinical pathway for well-managed patients before those who are high-risk focuses resources on the wrong people and can increase the likelihood of catastrophic health events. Through more accurate segmentation powered by medical history data, patients with the highest need and risk are prioritized for care. With this data plus insights derived from 10+ years in delivering virtual chronic care programs, Cecelia Health optimizes clinical operations to drive health improvements for patients – leading to collective cost savings. 

By treating patients with the highest risk first, you ensure that those most in need of care are prioritized for treatment and connected with the most appropriate care team for increased speed-to-outcomes. 


Can we help you enhance your patient experience through data?