If you are living with diabetes it can be helpful to learn more about the condition and tips for managing it and maintaining a healthy lifestyle long term. While the internet should never be a substitute for professional and individualized medical advice, it can be useful for finding general information, new recipes and can even help you learn more about diabetes so you can ask your healthcare provider more informed questions.  Below are some useful, and credible online resources for those living with diabetes.


  1. American Diabetes Association

There American Diabetes Association is a network of over a half a million volunteers/families/caregivers and a professional society of almost 20,000 health care professionals and includes over 250 staff members.  Here you will find important information about understanding all things diabetes including risk factors, healthy living tips, recipes, research and community resources.

What’s good to know about this site: there is even a section on how to help join the fight against diabetes by volunteering and/or donating.


  1. Diabetes Self-Management

Founded in 1983, this publisher is a site (and in print publication) that offers a wide variety of reliable, up to date information for people living with diabetes. There are sections on nutrition, exercise, medications, medical innovations, self-help and much more.

What’s good to know about this site: there is even a free newsletter you can sign up for to keep up with the latest news on diabetes.


  1. Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists

While many parts of this site are for certified diabetes care and education specialists themselves, there are actually some useful sections for laypeople that contain resources and tools for diabetes management including tip sheets on healthy living and self-care behaviors.

What’s good to know about this site: this website is great place to find a diabetes educator/education program to work with.  At the top you will see a link to search for programs near you.


  1. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

JRDF is a leading global organization focusing on funding type 1 diabetes research with a mission to support research and medical breakthroughs to combat it. The website reports on the latest news and studies relating to type 1 diabetes and has a variety of resource sections to better understand and manage type 1 diabetes as well.

What’s good to know about this site: the JRDF website also features a community forum to connect with others about many topics centering around living with type 1 diabetes.


  1. And of course….our Cecelia Health Blog!

Our patient resources section of the Cecelia health website has a multitude of blog articles written by our team of certified diabetes care and education specialists that cover a variety of useful and practical topics of interest for those living with diabetes. Check out our archive of articles to learn more about sensible eating, physical activity, healthy coping, monitoring, research summaries on recent progress in diabetes care and more!

What’s good to know about this site: at the top of the patient resources section we have a search function, as well as a categories list filter, so you can easily find and access articles about specific topics that interest you.