Cecelia Health announced today it is partnering with Valeritas to support the success of V-Go, an innovative wearable insulin delivery device for people living with diabetes who require insulin. Cecelia Health Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) will support people living with diabetes with both their initial use of V-Go as well as their ongoing use of V-Go to help them achieve improved results with their diabetes management. V-Go is an insulin delivery option for people with diabetes who require insulin that is worn like a patch and can replace the need to take multiple daily shots.

Managing diabetes is complicated. For many patients, effective diabetes management includes educating and motivating them to take their prescribed therapies, such as V-Go.

Cecelia Health CDEs are diabetes expert clinicians with advanced qualifications who specialize in motivating people living with diabetes to self-manage their condition. Cecelia Health leverages its proprietary diabetes care management technology platform to enable CDEs to provide one-on-one coaching that helps patients understand the benefits of V-Go. CDEs support patients with how to use V-Go following their first prescription, and help them to efficiently manage their diabetes through continued use of the V-Go as prescribed. Combining personalized service with technology enables Cecelia Health to scale the reach of CDEs to efficiently motivate positive behavior change and provide patients living with diabetes access to personalized education and training to foster better diabetes health.

“By partnering with Cecelia Health, and using professional Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs), we will be able to both enhance and scale the education and support we offer our patients benefiting from V-Go. Cecelia Health CDEs are able to support our mission of providing patients with needed education to initiate and maintain use of V-Go.” Said John Timberlake, President and CEO of Valeritas ”Providing patients with focused and personal support at the optimal time points will empower them to successfully use and optimize their V-Go to manage their diabetes and simplify their lives.”

“Diabetes is a job no one wants”, said David Weingard CEO of Cecelia Health, “Our national team of CDE clinicians scale their reach through the use of our proprietary innovative technology to deliver effective and personalized one-on-one care. It is the personal and expert touch of a CDE that educates, supports and guides people to self-manage their diabetes while also empowering them to take advantage of all available resources so they can succeed in every way possible.”