Taking your medication regularly is important to keep you healthy and symptom free. If you do forget to take your medication, know what do by speaking with your pharmacist or doctor when you are prescribed the medication, or when you pick it up from the pharmacy. Be sure to ask if it is ok to take it later that day, if it is ok to be combined with other medications, and if it should be taken with or without food or water.

Here are 5 tips to assist with remembering to take your medications.

  1. Take your medication at the same time every day

    When you take your medication at the same time every day, it becomes a routine and makes it more difficult to forget. What is even more helpful is stacking it onto a routine that you already have established, especially if you have recently been prescribed a new medication. For example, place your medication next to your toothbrush every morning so you take it before or after you brush your teeth. If you take your medication in the evening you can also place it next to your toothbrush when you brush your teeth before bed or on your nightstand next to your lamp or a book. If your medication requires refrigeration, place it next to something you consume daily, such as milk, coffee creamer, or your lunch box you take to work.

  2. Set an alarm to remind you to take your medication

    You can set an alarm on your phone, watch, or in your calendar. If you have the luxury to pick the time of day when you take your medication, choose a time when you are least busy. If you have to take your medication at a specific time each day, set a reminder for that time and then set another reminder 5-10 minutes later to be sure you took it, especially if when you are required to take it is a busy time frame for you.

  3. Write a visual cue to remind you to take your medication

    Write a note where you will see it daily, such as on the refrigerator, desk, cupboard, bathroom mirror, or even a note on your way out the door. Take it one step further and write down why it is important to you to take your medication, such as staying healthy for your loved ones or getting your blood glucose under better control that way you no longer experience highs or lows as often.

  4. Keep record that you took your medication daily

    When you finish taking your medication, place a check mark next to the day on your calendar or medication tracker. This can be especially helpful if you miss a dose often or if you do not remember taking your medication. Keeping a record can be helpful to prevent you from taking more medication than you need each day. If you take your medication when you eat, store your medication tracker on the table so you can mark it off while you are eating.

  5. Use a pillbox

    A pillbox can be used as a visual cue and a record all in one. The pillbox can remind you to take your medication daily if stored in a location you see daily and a record, because once the medication is gone you know you have taken it. Once a week fill your pillbox with what you need to take each day during a time when you are not distracted to make the most use out of your pillbox.