Live Webinar Featuring Telehealth and Diabetes Experts

For the past 6 months Cecelia Health has providing over a dozen diabetes clinics and their patients with remote Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) help during the COVID-19 pandemic to support the sudden shift clinics needed to make to a telehealth model. The care Cecelia Health CDCESs are providing to allow clinic endocrinologists to improve the effectiveness of their visits with patients includes:

  • Remote initiation, education, and troubleshooting continuous glucose monitors (CGM), blood glucose meters (BGM), insulin pumps and smart pen technologies combined with diabetes education to help patients more successfully manage their diabetes condition
  • Helping patients prepare for scheduled telemedicine visits by teaching them how to upload and interpret patterns and trends from their CGM and insulin data.

Remote Cecelia Health CDCES services were initially provided under a grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust. Several clinics are now moving forward to hire Cecelia Health to help scale their ability to provide Remote Diabetes and Nutrition Coaching and Remote Physiological Monitoring and Treatment and Management Services for their patients, and clinics will submit claims for the services Cecelia Health provides.



Dr. Arnold Saperstein

Chief Medical Officer, Cecelia Health


  • Impact and Benefits of Telehealth Coaching
  • Overview of Cecelia Health Remote CDCES & Telemedicine Services
  • Telehealth Coaching Billing Codes and Claims Submission Procedures

The panel discussion will conclude with an open Q&A session.

Attendees will takeaway strategies for implementing virtual diabetes care programs:

  • Details on specific billing codes to successfully submit claims to health plans
  • Actionable insights and best practices for implementing a hybrid telemedicine and in-clinic model
  • Strategies to improve patient experience and access using a blended model