Sherri Isaak, MS, RD, CDE, BC-ADM

Clinical Manager

I am excited to be helping patients make lifestyle changes through Fit4D. The team approach is the most effective way to help patients with diabetes achieve their goals.
Sherri Isaak

Sherri Isaak is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. She is board certified in advanced diabetes management and has a Master of Science in nutrition. She has over twelve years of experience working with diabetes, weight management, and cardiovascular disease. She has served in capacities as varied as working for a Native American tribe, a dietitian in a university hospital setting, and a diabetes educator in a outpatient diabetes self management program.

Sherri also has experience working with children with diabetes and pre-diabetes. In addition, she has completed specialized training in childhood and adolescent weight management from the American Dietetic Association. Sherri has written numerous articles on the subjects of diabetes and weight management, and has a particular interest in vegetarian/plant-based nutrition.

Sherri’s goal is to inspire people to make long term changes in their health. One of her success stories was a patient with type 2 diabetes who wanted to lose weight. By working together, he reached his goal of a 95 pound weight loss. His medication was slashed, his blood sugars improved, and his energy level skyrocketed.