Robert Wald

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Rob bring years of experience to his role as CTO at Cecelia Health. He oversees all technology initiatives as well as leading development efforts, managing infrastructure, and driving data science projects. Prior to Cecelia Health, Rob was the CTO of Collective Wisdom Technologies, an innovative financial services startup.

Rob has a long history as a Database, Process Engineering, and AI Architect. He has spent most of the past decade rearchitecting business processes at a variety of institutions, including leading a centralized Business Process Management effort at JPMorgan Chase, as well as projects at Thomson-Reuters, Credit-Suisse, Columbia University, and various other institutions. Rob has studied and worked extensively with AI, including producing an interactive ChatBot finalist for the Loebner Prize that was displayed at SF MOMA.

Rob has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science as well as PMP and OCP certifications.

Rob is an avid videographer with a weekly show on MNN and he also produces a monthly variety show, Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret, in the East Village, now in its 6th year. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and vocal Siamese cat.