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Empower your patients living with chronic conditions through expert telehealth clinical support

Empowering people through meaningful interactions

Our expert clinician team is passionate about empowering people with chronic conditions to live rich, healthy, and fulfilling lives. They excel at building relationships with

patients to educate them about their condition, motivate better lifestyle choices, and provide the essential problem-solving and emotional support required for people living with chronic conditions.



Remote Clinical Support

One-on-one clinical support delivered by expert clinicians providing disease state education, lifestyle support, and accountability

Remote Device Monitoring & Training

One-on-one clinical support for successful medical device initiation followed by physiological monitoring and appropriate interventions to ensure adherence and positive health outcomes.

Preparation Assistance for Telemedicine Visits

Our expert clinicians enhance the effectiveness of telemedicine visits with hospital physicians by assisting patients with uploading clinical information, gathering relevant clinical data, and helping interpret health-related information.

Virtual Diabetes & Mental Behavioral Clinic

Our CDCES centric clinic managed by endocrinologists with licensure in all 50 states provides collaborative care to improve patient access and outcomes for people with diabetes and related behavioral health conditions.

Clinically Proven Results

Cecelia Health’s team of clinical experts has been assisting patients by providing a spectrum of support in managing their condition to ease the daily burden and help improve outcomes.



45% Enrollment Rate
1.5pt Average A1C Reduction
80%+ Medication Adherence
65%+ Open Care Gaps Closed

Transformative solutions for patients with chronic illness

Telehealth programs allow healthcare providers to scale their care management capabilities to quickly meet patient demand. Virtual solutions enable providers to prioritize emergency visits and focus on patients who are not able to receive care remotely. This, in turn, provides individuals living with chronic disease the care and attention they need to better manage their conditions and prepare for specialist visits.

The Cecelia Health Solution to Improving Health Outcomes


One-on-one support from expert clinicians that focus on setting meaningful goals, overcoming barriers, and closing gaps in care.


Scalable core set of technologies and platforms which include remote patient monitoring, data driven insights and omni-channel engagement.


Complements and enhances existing patient care programs to improve the health of your members.


  • “After Cecelia Health’s educator worked with my patient, helped her upload and review data with her. she has been more engaged with her diabetes management.”

    - Endocrinologist, Specialty Diabetes Clinic

  • “Patients who worked with Cecelia Health CDCESs were better prepared for appointments and more knowledgeable and confident with their diabetes management.” 

    - Endocrinologist, Specialty Diabetes Clinic

  • “Providers are always seeking innovative solutions to improve medication adherence and health outcomes. Cecelia Health brings personalized experience to members while providing value-based services to providers.”

    - Executive Vice President at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

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