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Pharma USA 2022- Cecelia Health Resources

Here are some resources to better understand how Cecelia Health can help you:


1. Pharma Executive Summary– How our solution can improve medication adherence, therapy initiation, and patient outcomes.


2. Cardiovascular Case Study– Take a look at a specific Cecelia Health cardiovascular program that was able to positively impact patients’ medication adherence and overall health.


3. Five reasons life sciences companies will invest in digital health in 2022– The rise of digital health presents a unique opportunity for pharma to redefine a key aspect of their commercial approach – patient engagement.


4. Pharma Misconceptions About Effective Medication Adherence Support Programs– Learn about the misconceptions observed by the Cecelia Health clinical team related to chronic disease management and medication adherence that pharma companies should consider.


5. Digital: The New Driver of Pharma Commercialization and Support– Understand why both new and established drug brands are at a high risk of underperforming — especially as consumer and healthcare provider (HCP) channel preferences continue to shift.