Meaningful Patient Experiences That Drive Adherence and brand loyalty

It Starts with Understanding the Individual's Needs, Then Developing a Customized Strategy

Cecelia Health Participant
I sure appreciate talking to you. You’ve helped me on so many things. And I really don’t like talking to people about things like your personal health, but you are a rare exception.”
— Cecelia Health Participant

A Proven Approach With Proven Results

Fit4D - 20% adherence increase for pharma members with diabetes
Fit4D - increased engagement for pharma patients-18
Fit4D - over 95% patients satisfaction
Fit4D - 3x annual return on investment for payers


Demonstrating Value Beyond the Pill & Injectable

The pharmaceutical industry is transforming. There is pressure on pharmaceutical companies from health plans and pharmacy benefit managers to demonstrate improved health outcomes for patients. This is creating an incredible opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to differentiate themselves from their competition and deliver value-based services. 

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Solve for Complex Adherence Barriers and Create Brand Loyalty

Emphasizing the power of human touch, our personalized, one-on-one, diabetes coaching solution leverages technology to scale the reach of Certified Diabetes Educator (CDEs) clinicians, allowing them to manage patient populations much larger than traditional inpatient settings.  This means that more diabetes patients can receive access to, and benefit from, expert diabetes care.

The Cecelia Health program is customized to the purpose and plan of your brand's needs driving patient engagement and motivating behavior change that improves adherence, initiation and persistence, while driving brand loyalty.

We can embed and integrate the Cecelia Health solution into your branded patient program

  • Target patients at initial diagnosis or medication/device changes to help them overcome barriers in the critical first months

  • Customize interventions for specific programs and patient segments

  • Create unique competitive differentiation with physicians, patients and health plans/payers

  • Program and content adapted to your brand to engage patients and guide them along every step of their diabetes journey

  • Measured adherence and detailed patient analytics

  • A solid reputation among clients for having exceptionally sound regulatory, product safety and compliance practices

Instead of building this on your own, partner with Cecelia Health and you can be live within 4 months


How it Works

Hear from our Partners

“Cecelia Health creates meaningful patient experiences for our patients and it’s a win-win for everyone. Patients are engaged and healthier with their personal certified diabetes educator supporting them to take their medication as prescribed, and providers and payers benefit from value based services.
— Pharmaceutical Client
“Cecelia Health is the best vendor that we have worked with”.
— Head of Product Safety, Pharmaceutical Client

Patient Experiences

We've coached hundreds of thousands of people with diabetes and understand their struggles.  Through our unique, human-centered approach, we uncover adherence barriers and drive behavior change.


Meet Gloria

Gloria was newly diagnosed with diabetes and prescribed a long-acting insulin. She worked the night shift, so her meal times varied day by day. She was overwhelmed and didn’t have access to diabetes education classes. We fit into her schedule and provided her with step-by-step education and video demos to help her understand diabetes and how to take her new medication.


Meet Mohammad

Mohammed was confused. He was injecting on time, but his blood sugars where all over the place. His doctor had him increase his dosage, but to no avail. We walked him through injecting step by step and realized that he was not removing the inner needle cap, and therefore wasn’t receiving any insulin at all. We referred him back to his doctor to discuss adjusting his dosage appropriately. 


Meet Kevin

Kevin stopped picking up his medication because he wasn’t able to afford the monthly copay. We connected him with copay card resources, so that he could get back to taking his medication as prescribed. 


Meet Cherise

Cherise was prescribed a meal time insulin while she was caring for her son in the hospital. She was embarrassed to be seen injecting in front of other people in the hospital room. We encouraged Cherise to just give her injection in the bathroom discretely to take care of herself along with her family.

“Thank you for checking. I am impressed that you all do this. I think it is a wonderful service. Thank you for your time!”
The way you explained how each medication works was so helpful. I could ‘see’ how each medication is working together in my body.
“All our conversations so far have answered all of my questions. It’s a good follow up and the reinsurance is good.”
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Partner with Cecelia Health and you can be live within 4 months.

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