Mike Krupit


Mike Krupit

Mike Krupit is the veteran of seven diverse startups, both East and West Coast, and has been a fixture in the booms and busts of the last 25 years. He founded Trajectify in 2013 to focus on coaching entrepreneurs of young companies and small businesses, and his eighth tech startup, IntroNet, in 2014.

He was a young software geek that grew from CTO to COO to CEO as he developed his strong sense of leadership. Mike honed his management skills with the young companies as they became successful exits and mature businesses, including three IPOs and a bunch of mergers and acquisitions.

His passion to partner with and learn from great visionaries helped start and operate some diverse (and pretty cool) businesses. He co-founded healthy food company (Real Food Works). He co-founded a business incubator (Novotorium). He developed the e-commerce technology and operations at online music pioneer, CDNOW, was part of taking the company public, later becoming CDNOW's CEO and improved the bottom line by $40M with revenues of $150M.

Mike helped turn around a 15 year old telecommunications company, doubling revenues to $25M. He spent a decade in Silicon Valley where he helped build Verity (a pioneer in search engines, IPO and sold to Autonomy/HP) and KnowledgeSet (one of the first companies to put data on a CD). In the Northeast, Mike worked with Infonautics (a pioneer in online information services, that also produced a bunch of great entrepreneurs and patents), and Knite, a spin-out from Princeton University to commercialize an innovation to the spark plug.

Mike comes from a family history of diabetes and lost his father to the disease. He changed his diet and became a plant-based eater. Mike’s passion runs high for helping others experience the same transformation, having lost almost 40 lbs., lowered his sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure by a third, and gained a ton of energy. He’s also an organic vegetable gardener and enjoys cooking with plants.