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Improve Diabetes Device Initiation and Adherence with a Proven Approach

Breaking Barriers and Improving Device Adherence

We target patients at initial diagnosis or device initiation to help overcome barriers in critical first months. All programs are highly customized and interventions are tailored to specific individuals’ needs. We provide education and training on a wide range of medical devices, including Insulin Pumps, Blood Glucose Meters, Continuous Glucose Monitors, Closed Loop Systems, Smart Pens, and other devices.



Remote Clinical Coaching

One-on-one clinical coaching delivered by expert clinicians providing disease state education, lifestyle support, and accountability

Remote Device Monitoring & Training

One one one clinical coaching to support successful medical device initiation followed by physiological monitoring and appropriate interventions to ensure adherence and positive health outcomes

Virtual Diabetes & Behavioral Health Clinic

Our CDCES centric clinic managed by endocrinologists with licensure in all 50 states provides collaborative care to improve patient access and outcomes for people with diabetes and related behavioral health conditions.

Clinically Proven Results

Our approach improves patient health outcomes and increases brand loyalty and supplies orders for our customers.

40%+ Enrollment Rate
1.5pt Average A1C Reduction
100% Successful Persistency
3x Return on Investment
  • High Quality Diabetes and Mental Health Care at Scale Regardless of Location

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  • Diabetes Telehealth Solutions: Improving Self-Management Through Remote Initiation of Continuous Glucose Monitoring

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  • One Year Later: Managing Stress During COVID-19

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Supporting Device Initiation and Adherence at Scale

Initiating insulin and adopting a device to manage one’s diabetes is difficult, while persisting with it is an even greater challenge – despite the device potentially playing a key role in their diabetes management program. Device Manufacturers often struggle to convert and retain customers given the significant educational requirements for many of their products.

The Cecelia Health Solution to Improving Health Outcomes for Members with Diabetes


One-on-one coaching from Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists. Expert clinicians focus on setting meaningful goals, overcoming barriers, and closing gaps in care.


Scalable core set of technologies and platforms which include remote patient monitoring, data driven insights and omni-channel engagement.


Complements and enhances existing patient care programs to improve the health of your members.


  • You have been wonderful, and I really appreciated it. The calls have been very informative because I had no training, just given the Rx and I had to read everything I could find and watch the video, but that was nothing compared to what knowledge you gave me, and I really appreciated the calls

    - Cecelia Health Patient

  • I like that there are people interested in helping you and they hang in there with you. I wish my doctor would be as concerned.

    - Cecelia Health Patient

  • “By partnering with Cecelia Health, and using professional CDCESs, we are able to both enhance and scale the education and support we offer our patients benefiting from our device. Cecelia Health CDCESs are able to support our mission of providing patients with needed education to initiate and maintain use of the [insulin pump].

    - CEO, Insulin Pump Manufacturer

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