Improve Diabetes Device Initiation and Adherence with a Proven Approach

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Delivering measurable outcomes with tech-enabled personalized patient coaching.

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The Cecelia Health Solution to Improve Diabetes Device Adherence and Patient Success



One-on-one coaching from Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist and specialized clinicians focused on choosing and successfully using the right CGM



Scalable core set of technologies and platforms which includes remote patient monitoring, data driven insights and omni-channel engagement



Complements and enhances existing patient care programs to improve drive implementation and brand satisfaction

Clinically Proven Results Integrated with Your Branded Patient Programs

The Cecelia Health program is customized to fit your brand’s needs, complementing and enhancing your existing care management programs.

  • Target patients at initial diagnosis or device implementation to help overcome barriers in critical first months
  • Customize interventions for specific programs and patient segments
  • Create unique, competitive differentiation with physicians, patients, and payers
  • Programs and content adapted to your brand to engage patients
  • Measured adherence and detailed patient analytics

88% Medication Adherence at 6-Month Follow-Up

3x Average Annual Return on Investment

95%+ Patient Satisfaction Rate

35% Enrollment Rate of Identified Individuals

Cecelia Health Enrolled Patient

"I sure appreciate talking to you. You’ve helped me with so many things. I really don’t like talking to people about things like personal health, but you are a rare exception."

- Cecelia Health Enrolled Patient

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