Meaningful Patient Experiences That Improve Health Outcomes

It Starts with Understanding the Individual's Needs, Then Developing a Customized Strategy

Cecelia Health Participant
This is a lifestyle for me now. I have a whole new aspect and outlook on my diabetes. I think everyone should have you (Cecelia Health CDE Coach). Some people just don’t like to acknowledge their diabetes but this program makes it easier
— Cecelia Health Participant

A Proven Approach With Proven Results

Fit4D - 28% enrollment rate
Fit4D - lower HbA1C for payer members
Fit4D - over 95% member satisfaction
Fit4D - $380 annual savings per payer member with diabetes
Fit4D - 3x annual return on investment for payers-16


Improving Diabetes Health Through Scalable, Personalized Coaching

For payers and providers, achieving positive health outcomes is complicated because every person’s diabetes journey is unique and individuals respond differently to support tactics. Cecelia Health technology-enabled coaching helps fill the gaps in care with personalized diabetes education, motivation and support from a diabetes expert clinician. Download this whitepaper to learn about the efficacy of scaling clinician-patient touch points with a multi-channel Certified Diabetes Educator coaching approach.

Health Plan & Provider
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Improve Health Outcomes of Your Members, at Scale

Emphasizing the power of human touch, our personalized, one-on-one, diabetes coaching solution leverages technology to scale the reach of Certified Diabetes Educator (CDEs) clinicians, allowing them to manage patient populations much larger than traditional inpatient settings.  This means that more of your members can receive access to, and benefit from, expert diabetes care.

  • Target high risk and poorly controlled populations
  • Scale CDE-patient volumes while driving program quality and consistency
  • Achieve member health improvements that impact HEDIS and STAR quality ratings
  • Close gaps in care and keep members on track with routine screenings
  • Empower members with confidence in self management
  • Complement and integrate with existing programs and care management teams
  • Data-driven approach improves health measures
How it Works

Member Experiences

We've coached hundreds of thousands of people with diabetes and understand their struggles.  Through our unique, human-centered approach, we uncover adherence barriers and drive behavior change.


Meet Christine

Christine was forgetting to take her medication and struggling to curb her sugar cravings. We gave her practical reminder strategies and recommended healthier, lower sugar snacks to satisfy her sweet tooth. After incorporating these changes, her A1C dropped from 12.2 to 6.9!


Meet Barry

Barry had many questions, but he was a farmer who lived far away from his provider. We arranged times to meet that fit his schedule in order to provide him with proactive support in between doctor's visits.


Meet Maria

Maria wasn't taking her medication, checking blood sugar, or seeing a doctor. Our bilingual certified diabetes educator got her to the clinic and she is now taking her diabetes medication and monitoring her glucose. 


Meet Barbara

Barbara was only receiving her insulin when her nurse visited twice a week. We helped her overcome her fear of needles and stepped through the injection process with her over the phone. Now she is taking her medication daily as prescribed. 


Meet Tom

Tom was taking his insulin, but his blood sugar was all over the place with frequent hypoglycemic episodes. We explained the importance of food intake timing and created goals together in order to prevent hypoglycemic episodes. Tom achieved his goals, experienced no more hypoglycemic episodes and brought his A1C down from 8.1 to 7.1.

This is why I really like having you. I figure things out by talking to you. I don’t usually talk a lot but with you I find it really useful. When I talk you, you make me feel good about my ability to manage my diabetes.
This is great information. Nothing frustrates me more than some company that only has online communication. I want to actually have a conversation with someone.
This coaching program helps me stay on track. It helps me so much. The coaching calls are so great. I wish it had happened earlier for me. My life sure would have been different if I’d had this when I was diagnosed.
I have many questions about what to eat. Right now I see an “American nutritionist” in the clinic but it is so much easier to understand and to speak to you in Spanish
This is a lifestyle for me now. I have a whole new aspect and outlook on my diabetes. I think everyone should have you (CDE Coach). Some people just don’t like to acknowledge their diabetes but this program makes it easier
I’m so grateful for your calls. This is such a wonderful idea for people with Diabetes. You come home from doctor appointments and you’re trying to be really careful and do everything that the doctor told you but then you start to drift and get away from all that you intended to do. Having these calls helps keep me on track
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