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COVID-19 Telehealth Support



Cecelia Health can provide immediate telehealth support from trained and certified expert clinicians as an alternative to calls and visits to healthcare providers, care managers, and pharmaceutical companies. This includes direct phone-based clinical guidance to members and patients on COVID-19, chronic condition care management, medication adherence, and diabetes, hypertension, obesity and related chronic disease management.


Urgent Need for Expert Telehealth Resources

  • Health Systems and Telehealth Services are overwhelmed by surging demand due to COVID-19, resulting in untenable wait times on customer call center and financial support lines
  • Care managers and healthcare providers are unable to adequately respond to increased volume of calls from patients on all aspects of care management, such as appointments, travel guidance, prescription refills, etc.
  • Despite demand and new telehealth regulations, scaling in-house telemedicine capabilities to meet demand is extremely challenging
  • Virtual solutions are necessary as an alternative to office hours and in-person appointments are for elderly and at-risk populations
  • Healthcare providers must prioritize emergency visits only and are not equipped to continue office-based support for patients


Cecelia Health Advantage

  • Subject matter expertise working with vulnerable populations at high risk from COVID-19, those who are uniquely impacted by the major disruptions in daily life
  • Immediate additional inbound capacity to support existing telehealth efforts through a solution that provides a clinical solution rather than simple call center guidance
  • Immediate additional outbound capacity to target and support high risk members and patients
  • Flexible and adaptive solutions to meet current member and patient support efforts and integrate seamlessly with existing programs
  • Highly qualified Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists and Registered Nurses with extensive clinical experience of working with hard to engage populations and building lasting relationships to improve health outcomes
  • Established, scalable digital platform capable of meeting high inbound and outbound call demand


Outbound Program Details

  • Patient outreach based on list provided ahead of time to alleviate burden on in-house clinical specialists and educators
  • Highly tailored and customized outreach scripts to cater to specific needs of patient population
  • Incremental pricing to add and accelerate calls to existing enrolled members and patients
  • Fixed fee or transactional depending on contract type
  • Ideal for health plans with high risk populations in need of non-emergency support from expert clinicians


Inbound Program Details

For Health Plans and Payers
Clinical guidance on COVID-19, health and medication related questions and specific disease state support for diabetes, hypertension, obesity and related chronic disease management.


For Pharmaceutical Companies and Device Manufacturers
Call overflow support for customer care lines with expertise to cover key topics, including clinical guidance on COVID-19, prescription refills, and Rx-related questions, etc.

  • Over 250 dedicated Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists and Registered Nurses
  • Availability to take calls 8AM-8PM across North American time-zones and in multiple languages
  • Bi-weekly and monthly options for dedicated lines, overflow and warm transfers