Preventing Injury From Sharps

If you use syringes, needles and lancets as part of you diabetes care, it’s best to take steps to dispose of them safely.  You may have heard of the term “sharps”.  Sharps is a fancy medical term for any item that pokes or cuts our skin.  As an educator I always get asked the question, “how do I.

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Tips for a Healthy and Safe Summer

You are probably getting used to the fact that summer is here! Summer can be tricky for people with diabetes. The kids are out of school and you’re juggling work schedules, camps and travel plans. The heat can also pose challenges when you have diabetes. During this summer craze, it is important to.

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Protecting Your Diabetes Supplies during the Summer Months

For many people, summertime means time at the pool, days at the beach, backyard barbecues, and outside fun with family and friends!  During the hot summer months, you want to make sure you protect your diabetes supplies and equipment.  Heat can have negative impacts on your oral medication,.

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Diabetes doesn’t take Vacation

Yeah, Vacation!

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Summer Travel & Diabetes

Summer is upon us, and for many people that means travel plans!  Diabetes shouldn’t hold anyone back from getting out and enjoying the fun!  The important thing to focus on, is taking your care routine with you.

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