The Many Hats a Certified Diabetes Educator Wears - Cecelia Health

I recently had an individual ask me what exactly is a CDE and what do they do? My initial response was a quick, textbook type answer; a certified diabetes educator (CDE) is a health professional who has experience and expertise in the area of diabetes prevention and management. My role is to.

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Successfully Leveraging Digital Health and Personalized Support to Deliver Outcomes for Diabetes Patients

Together, Cecelia Health and Glooko are delivering highly personalized, data-driven coaching and a mobile health solution to patients and care providers. We announced our collaboration last month. The Glooko-Cecelia Health partnership enables us to leverage user-specific data and expert clinicians.

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Is Personalization The Key To Improving Diabetes Health Outcomes?

When it comes to chronic diseases like diabetes, medication non-adherence is common and costly. In fact, over 50% of patients stop taking their medication within the first year. Non-adherence causes poorer treatment outcomes, which in turn leads to increased health care utilization and hospital.

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Diabetes is a challenge for people living with diabetes and for the healthcare system.

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