Healthy Holidays With Diabetes

The holiday season is an exciting time full of family and friends, social events, traveling, and traditional foods.  However, this excitement can become a source of stress for people who are working hard to manage diabetes.  Here are some tips to help you enjoy a happy (and healthy!) holiday season.

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What to Eat for Christmas if You Have Diabetes - Cecelia Health

It can be hard to prioritize your health during the holiday season, so here are some top tips I’ve included to ensure a successful upcoming year. You may be attending holiday events such as family get togethers, work parties and festivals and with the addition of tempting snacks and festive drinks,.

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8 Ways to Escape Holiday Land Mines

The “holidays” have become defined as the stretch of time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  We use this time to indulge in eating, drinking, and spending.  It’s a dangerous 6 weeks, especially for those with diabetes who are working diligently to keep their blood sugars under control.  Think of.

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How Stress and Anxiety Affect Diabetes

It seems that a lot of us are facing some degree of stress or anxiety, whether it is due to the recent elections, the upcoming holidays or just our day-to-day stressors. To build on Michelle Mendoza’s blog on stress reduction, I would like to discuss just how stress and anxiety effects blood.

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Tips for a Healthy and Safe Summer

You are probably getting used to the fact that summer is here! Summer can be tricky for people with diabetes. The kids are out of school and you’re juggling work schedules, camps and travel plans. The heat can also pose challenges when you have diabetes. During this summer craze, it is important to.

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New Year Resolutions - Managing Your Diabetes Effectively

It's the beginning of the New Year - the perfect time to review what you are already doing to take care of your diabetes and what changes you can make to manage it better. Most Year Year's resolutions begin with a great start, but often fail due to lack of motivation or burnout issues. Managing.

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Managing Blood Sugars During the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, keeping blood sugars in control can be somewhat of a challenge. Whether you’ve “fallen off the bandwagon” in the past or done a relatively good job eating healthy, the following suggestions may help you get through the holidays without cramping your.

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Diabetes doesn’t take Vacation

Yeah, Vacation!

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