What’s the Right Type of Diet for Your Diabetes Type?

It’s not breaking news to say that people with diabetes would be wise to follow a healthy diet.  But what is a healthy diet?  We know for a fact that there is not ONE healthy diet that works for everyone with diabetes. On the subject of nutrition, the 2018 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes by.

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Live with No Regrets When Living With Diabetes

In the end, I’d like to look back on my life and say “I lived with no regrets.”  If you agree, are you making choices today that will give you that comfort at the finish line?  I will never forget the day I met Bob in my diabetes class.  He was frustrated with his new diagnoses and lashed out. “I.

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Healthy Holidays With Diabetes

The holiday season is an exciting time full of family and friends, social events, traveling, and traditional foods.  However, this excitement can become a source of stress for people who are working hard to manage diabetes.  Here are some tips to help you enjoy a happy (and healthy!) holiday season.

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Hydration for Active People with Diabetes

Longer days, warmer weather – it must be Spring! 

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