Celebrating Life, Love and Even Diabetes in the Ocean and on the Trails

By David Weingard, Husband, Father, Person With Type 1 Diabetes And Founder/CEO Of Cecelia Health  

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CDEs Finding the Food Kumbaya Moment

I was talking to a family member about nutrition when she expressed an opinion that I hear all the time: “Everyone is following such different diets!  It’s just so confusing that I don’t know what to eat anymore!”  And isn’t that true! Everyone holds such strong food opinions, and talks with such.

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The Many Hats a Certified Diabetes Educator Wears - Cecelia Health

I recently had an individual ask me what exactly is a CDE and what do they do? My initial response was a quick, textbook type answer; a certified diabetes educator (CDE) is a health professional who has experience and expertise in the area of diabetes prevention and management. My role is to.

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Highlights from the MM&M 2017 Transforming Healthcare Conference

At the MM&M Transforming Healthcare Conference on May 1, 2017, thought leaders from Cecelia Health, Glooko, and Micromass Communications joined on a panel to discuss “Influencing Patient-Provider Behavior: Is Digital the Answer”. Cecelia Health CEO, David Weingard and Clinical Director, Teresa.

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Racing with Vikings (and Diabetes)

I woke up on race morning with an extremely high blood sugar of 370 and noticed that, for the first time in my 16 years of living with Type 1 diabetes, my insulin pump tubing was not connected to my body. Was this a sign of things to come?

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New Year Resolutions - Managing Your Diabetes Effectively

It's the beginning of the New Year - the perfect time to review what you are already doing to take care of your diabetes and what changes you can make to manage it better. Most Year Year's resolutions begin with a great start, but often fail due to lack of motivation or burnout issues. Managing.

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5 Tips to Help Your Patients with Diabetes Stay on Track with Their Medication

Health care providers prescribe medications hundreds of times each week, but to a person newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, hearing “I want you to take ____” is a public admission of failure. Failure to lose weight. Not making time for exercise. Inability to change habits like flavored coffee.

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