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Diabetes  management can be complicated and often requires a multidisciplinary approach to help maintain optimal blood glucose  control. Lifestyle modifications and regular blood glucose monitoring while   proven to be helpful, can also be  overwhelming. Recent technological advances, if.

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It Will All Be Okay

Author, Cami Morgan (left), Cami's Aunt and Uncle (right) The phone rang in my kitchen, back when I actually answered my house phone and my cell phone stayed in my purse all day.  It was my aunt on the other end, my father’s older sister. She began to tell me that my uncle was in the hospital with.

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Summer Travel & Diabetes

Summer is upon us, and for many people that means travel plans!  Diabetes shouldn’t hold anyone back from getting out and enjoying the fun!  The important thing to focus on, is taking your care routine with you.

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Are Two Hats Better Than One?

We all have many hats that we wear in our lives– parent, partner, colleague, community member etc. For me, two of my most important roles are that of being a mother and a Diabetes Educator.  The fact that my son has type 1 diabetes means that these roles intersect and overlap on a regular basis.

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Helping Patients with Pattern Management

Many of my patients understand the importance of monitoring their blood sugars. Many will even write them down and a few will even remember to take them to their diabetes visits with their physician. When I start discussing pattern management with my patients they often give me a blank look. After.

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Connecting with Patients: My Role as a Cecelia Health Diabetes Educator

Feeling the need to “re-charge” my diabetes educator batteries, I recently attended a continuing education program which provided several excellent sessions.   Joe Solowiejczyk, RN, MSW, CDE , “Coping and Thriving with Diabetes: It’s just not a numbers game”   presented some very practical.

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Merck Heritage Provider Network Innovation Contest 5 Questions with Fit4D

David Weingard is the CEO and Founder of Cecelia Health – a personalized program that synthesizes workflow, data capture, device integration, and reporting-enabling personalized service delivery via coaches within its network. He has experienced first-hand the complexities of living life with.

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