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Diabetes  management can be complicated and often requires a multidisciplinary approach to help maintain optimal blood glucose  control. Lifestyle modifications and regular blood glucose monitoring while   proven to be helpful, can also be  overwhelming. Recent technological advances, if.

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Diabetes Is Not Just About Your Blood Sugar Level

When you think diabetes, “blood sugar” or “blood glucose” immediately comes to mind.  If you are newly diagnosed you may be surprised to learn that caring for yourself with diabetes doesn’t only involve your blood sugar.  For those who have had diabetes a while, you probably are already aware of.

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Successfully Leveraging Digital Health and Personalized Support to Deliver Outcomes for Diabetes Patients

Together, Cecelia Health and Glooko are delivering highly personalized, data-driven coaching and a mobile health solution to patients and care providers. We announced our collaboration last month. The Glooko-Cecelia Health partnership enables us to leverage user-specific data and expert clinicians.

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Artificial Sweeteners – Myths and Facts Explained

Artificial sweeteners primarily include derived sugar substitutes that provide zero to minimal calories in your diet compared to table sugar. The growing demand for alternatives to sugar has made them immensely popular with consumers. Artificial sweeteners today are used in different types of baked.

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How Stress and Anxiety Affect Diabetes

It seems that a lot of us are facing some degree of stress or anxiety, whether it is due to the recent elections, the upcoming holidays or just our day-to-day stressors. To build on Michelle Mendoza’s blog on stress reduction, I would like to discuss just how stress and anxiety effects blood.

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Why do I have to check my sugar? I feel fine.

Having diabetes comes with many responsibilities, one of which is checking your blood sugar. Checking blood sugar can be a very overwhelming task for the person with diabetes. I should know, I have had Type 2 diabetes for nine years. In the beginning, although I knew the importance of it, I didn’t.

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