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Measuring the Impact of Diabetes Medication Adherence for Health Plans

For people living with diabetes and related chronic conditions, adhering to a prescribed medication schedule can be a challenge. Many patients face unique barriers to medication adherence. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, 50% of medications for.

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The 4 Biggest Barriers to Medication Adherence for Diabetes Patients

It’s hard to think about the many diabetes patients who struggle daily to manage their disease. It’s especially distressing to know that many of these patients—either willingly or unwillingly—don’t adhere to their prescribed medication regimens.   People living with diabetes often know it’s.

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Healthy Holidays With Diabetes

The holiday season is an exciting time full of family and friends, social events, traveling, and traditional foods.  However, this excitement can become a source of stress for people who are working hard to manage diabetes.  Here are some tips to help you enjoy a happy (and healthy!) holiday season.

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5 Ideas on How you Can Contribute to Diabetes Awareness

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, for ANY person with ANY Type of diabetes.  One thing is for sure, all those types need help for their malfunctioning pancreases.

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Does a Ketogenic Diet Fit in Diabetes Treatment?

The ketogenic diet is all over the media lately and I find myself having a conversation about it with a patient at least once per day. Where did this popular diet come from and what does it mean for people with diabetes?

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Celebrating Life, Love and Even Diabetes in the Ocean and on the Trails

By David Weingard, Husband, Father, Person With Type 1 Diabetes And Founder/CEO Of Cecelia Health  

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CDEs Finding the Food Kumbaya Moment

I was talking to a family member about nutrition when she expressed an opinion that I hear all the time: “Everyone is following such different diets!  It’s just so confusing that I don’t know what to eat anymore!”  And isn’t that true! Everyone holds such strong food opinions, and talks with such.

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What is Metabolic Surgery and how did it Make its Way into the ADA Algorithm?

Did you notice an update to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) treatment algorithm? It now includes metabolic surgery as a treatment option for people with type 2 diabetes and obesity who do not respond to conventional treatment. Considering that nearly 90% of people with type 2 diabetes also.

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Hydration for Active People with Diabetes

Longer days, warmer weather – it must be Spring! 

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Get Fit for the Future of Automated Insulin Delivery

This is an exciting time for diabetes technology! 

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